19 April 2014

black & blue

Whoever said that blue & black should never be worn together was awfully wrong. A pair of black jeans can emphasises a navy black sweater while blue pumps appear more vibrant when mixed with a black outfit. Playing with colors and textures is one of my favorite things about fashion, and that's exactly what I did today! The airy silk of my blouse contrast with my coated skinny jeans. My blue suede pumps are also the contrary of my smooth red purse and that's exactly what I wanted: an outfit that has dimension!
What do you think about mixing colors that are not supposed to go together? Is that something that you do or do you stick to the general rule?
Enjoy your long weekend peeps!

18 April 2014

beauty hall picks | Nars

Entering a beauty hall (or a Sephora for that matter) is always a moment of pure joy for me. From exclusive brands to the latest launches, they're always something new to see and try. On the other hand, it can easily feel overwhelming. To avoid you the trouble of walking around like a lost kid and ending up with a bright yellow eyeshadow that you didn't need, I will share with you my favorite products from brands that usually occupy a good spot in those beauty halls. And today, we're starting off with one of my favorite makeup brands: Nars.

17 April 2014

dinner date

Last week, Renaud and I went on a dinner date at one of our favorite places in Brussels, Il Giardino. As crazy as it sounds, we haven't been on a proper date in ages. We tend to go out with friends or head to the gym during the week, and we love spending lazy weekends in the comfort of our apartment. 
Renaud came back one night and suggested that we go out for dinner and so we did! We had a great time, ate pizza on the terrace and talked about everything and anything for hours. We had so much fun that we decided to make it a habit and to go on a date once a week and I couldn't be happier about it!
My outfit for the night was pretty simple. I was wearing my favorite pair of skinny jeans and a simple sweater during the day so I added a pair of comfortable heels and a nude blazer to dress it up a little. Of course, my Michael Kors Selma bag came with me as it carries my entire life, from my iPad mini to my planner.

16 April 2014

reasonable beauty: the skincare

If there's one area in my beauty regime where I am particularly picky, it has to be skincare. My skin changes its mood more quickly than Lady Gaga changes outfits, and that says a lot about it. It's definitely dehydrated most of the time, breaks out pretty easily and above all it is pretty sensitive. Therefore, I don't mess around with my skincare. 
When I decided to switch to a more natural skincare routine, I found the task to be incredibly easy and invigorating. Not only does the drugstore offer quite a good selection, I discovered that my local pharmacy had a vast selection to choose from. Here's what made it to my bathroom shelf:

When it comes to taking my makeup off, I like to reach for the Balm balm frankincense deep cleansing balm. This thick organic balm literally melt your makeup, including waterproof mascara and lip stains. I take a pea size amount of product, rub it between my fingers before applying it all over my face. I massage it in for a minute or so before taking it off with a warm damp cloth. This first step in my routine helps me to relax and gets rid of any nasties on my skin. I then move on to the Elemental herbology flower harmonizing mist to refresh my skin even more. This little bottle goes everywhere with me, from the gym to my handbag. I use it through the day to refresh my makeup or inject a bit of moisture back into my skin after a long hour at the gym. 
If my skin is feeling particularly dry, I add two or three drops of the Trilogy rosehip oil into my Somatique moisturizer. The oil sinks into my skin and smooth it from the inside while the moisturizer keeps it moisturized for hours and gives it extra vitamins A,B, C, D & E.

Then, let's talk about Bio beauté by Nuxe. If you've been watching any of my beauty videos, you probably know that I have a bit of an obsession with the brand. It was launched a couple of years ago by Nuxe, an old favorite of mine, as a great and affordable organic skincare line. They started off with a very limited selection of products, but fast forward to now and Bio beauté occupies an entire wall in my local pharmacy. From masks to lip balms and soaps, they have everything you need and everything you didn't know you needed. My all time favorite product has to be the Comfort exfoliant with red berries. This exfoliant is formulated as a thick oil with crushed berries that you apply on dry skin. A few round motions, a good rinse and your skin feels fresh and moisturized. After that, I like to use the Smoothing and moisturizing mask all over my face and neck. While I am not too keen on the smell (it smells like clementine, which I hate) it works so beautifully well that I am willing to let it sit on my skin for 15 minutes. Last but not least, is the Smoothing light emulsion. This moisturizer is too light to be used on its own, but layered over the top of my day cream, it makes my skin super smooth, hides my pores and ready for makeup. 

Do you use any organic or natural skincare product? I would love to hear about your recommendations! 

red dress

This dress has been hiding in my closet since December. Well, not totally, as you might remember this photo taken during London fashion week, where I wore it as a top. Somehow, I always end up wearing my dresses as tops during the fashion season, like I did with this Zara dress two years ago, but that's not the subject of this post...
I love this dress for a couple of reasons. First of all, it is the perfect balance between simple & trendy. The hem is slightly longer at the back, but the detail isn't too obvious which makes it fashionable for years. Oh, and it's also really flattering on the body as well! Then, I love the detailing on the top. These two flap details are actually burgundy on the other side, which is barely noticeable but they make the dress that more interesting in my opinion. I also love the fact that it has long sleeves, which is perfect for chilly spring days like those we're experiencing right now in Brussels. Last but not least, it is a vibrant shade of orangy-red which makes it so special!